We acquired the farm in 2002, immediately converting it all organic, and undertaking a wide range of conservation projects, such as planting hedges and reverting arable land back to downland; all part of the process of reversing the ravages of ‘modern farming’. Full accreditation by the Soil Association was achieved in 2005.
Organic farming minimises climate change and pollution by using lower fossil fuel inputs; conventional farming is dependant on artificial fertiliser and sprays that are produced from fossil fuel.
We believe organic farming reduces health risks to the consumer, increases biodiversity and wildlife numbers, improves animal welfare via its strict guidelines, is sustainable and of course produces the best tasting produce!       
Our farm has numerous bridleways and footpaths which we are keen for people to use to share the beauty of our countryside, as well as enabling people to see the farm ‘in action’. 
Alastair Cooper
Sydling Brook Organic



Sydling Farm

Sydling Brook Farm

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Sydling Brook Organic

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Sydling Brook